Linux Teacher Intern Training Checklist

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When new Intern is accepted into the Free Geek Internship program, it's the area coordinator's job to make certain new interns are trained. Training can be done by other Free Geek employees or interns, but it's the area coordinator must ensure that it gets done and a complete hard copy of this document exists in the new intern's file.

New Intern: _________________________________________________________________

Area Coordinator / Supervisor: _________________________________________________

Training Modules for Interns

PRIOR TO DAY 1 Date Staff Initials
Take Orientation tour
Create & file a folder under Admin: last name, first name and file with volunteer applications upstairs in the personel files
Put volunteer on regular internship schedule with start date, end date and tasks
Checklist Items Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Where to park your car
Volunteer Intern Contract: review, sign & file
Conflict of Interest: review, sign & file
Passive Solicitation Policy: review, sign & file
General Conduct Guidelines
Arriving Late and Cancellations / calling in sick: provide contact info
Requesting schedule changes/days off: provide contact info
Emergency Info Request: ER contact, phone# & allergies in database?
Benefits of volunteering/interning: First Tech Credit Union, 20% store discount, participation in committees
Add intern to appropriate email lists
Send a welcome email to the list introducing the new intern
Invite to any appropriate working group meetings
Feedback and checking in
monthly. How's it going? Are there are areas you would like further training in? Are you picking up the skills you wanted to learn?
Continued learning: taking classes and volunteering in other areas
Indicate available admin workspaces (library)
Introduced around to core volunteers & staff
Review building layout, public accessibility and names for various areas
Safety training
Record your own hours as an intern: please do this at the end of every shift
Building walk around: layout and names for various areas + familiarization with core volunteers & staff
Building walk around: where to find materials for classes
Meeting Room: classes can be taught here when the classroom is in use and how to set up this area for classes
Tech Support: asking for help when you need it
Standing Staff Committees: what the committees do
Netiquette at Free Geek
Keeping work areas tidy
Supply request: how to ask for supplies know what you need, ask BEFORE out.
Supervising and training other volunteers (if applicable)
Receive a copy of class outline or know where to find it on the wiki