Outreach Ideas

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Joel suggests the following:

  • 3 media kits: one for orgs., general public, media
    • smaller newspapers take press releases almost verbatim, bigger outlets want more, so we should show how easy it is to contact us
  • 2 pages
  • Organizational overview on front
  • Fact sheet on back: raw data, story ideas (recycling law, wifi, community culture, collectivism, FG and state budget impact for schools, etc.)
  • Contacts: cell phones, home phone numbers
  • Have a designated media contact
  • Accessible on web, in print as well, with DVD, with CD of photos
  • Photos could be available online: include cutlines, info about who/what's in picture encoded into Photoshop file
  • Press kit available from website (replace "media coverage" link)
  • Make business cards with press kit URL to hand out at conferences, etc.
  • Construct email list and database for reporters to keep up on press releases
  • Keep up on individual interests of reporters and target info
  • Photos: staff, interactions with volunteers, interactions with community: seniors, students/schools, use facets of volunteers' lives/histories to make stories
  • Story ideas: Raphael house hardware grant: seexaminer, Ms. magazine; El Hispanic news and El Centinela for Hispanic volunteers, OSU alumni volunteers? contact their newsletter
  • List of oregon media outlets: http://www.disastercenter.com/oregon/media.htmlc