Preventing theft in receiving

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Ways to reduce volunteer theft from receiving

-Check in and out for breaks as part of our Hardware Donations spiel

- -As a general policy. People should know where every volunteer is at all times.

-If you are the only staff member then its really important to be in your station.

-If you did not see the donor 's gizmos being loaded then confirm that the stuff on the cart is the same as the stuff that the donor donated. Good step for database accuracy.

-Coats must go on coat rack. Hard to monitor during rainy or cold weather but no need for big ` coats in HD during warm days.

-Check anyone taking gizmos into the building for equipment passes.

-Remember that we are the monitors of the Hardware Donations entryway and we should not be afraid to question people using “our” door that are attempting to progress further into the building. Redirect them to Front Desk

-If you have "overly" curious volunteers then maybe redirect them to the warehouse or keyboard/ mouse testing.

-Make a note in database indicating not to have suspicious volunteers volunteer in receiving.


What to do if “Something Goes Missing"

  • Note who was in the room and where volunteers were located.
  • Note what time the item went missing. And think of the time line of the events.
  • If someone checks out their bag or leaves early. This may be a clue.
  • Note anyone who is “not supposed to be in Hardware Donations”or was passing through or hanging out in Hardware Donations. Which is also what we are supposed to be doing as part of our job anyway.
  • The Collective Member(s) will help you investigate the matter and interview volunteers that were in Hardware Donations or in the general area.
  • Collective member will be responsible for the documentation of the incident. They will make a ticket in “crimes” and if there is a suspect they will make a ticket in “volunteer issues”
  • If appropriate make a note about a suspect in the database.
  • If “fishy stuff” appears to be going on send a message to the “Regulars” list to see if anyone in the building has moved it or acquired it for their own purposes and neglected to tell Hardware Donations.
  • Remember that Free Geek does not need solid “Proof” to prohibit a volunteer from being involved. Ongoing suspicious behavior is sufficient