Printer Evaluation 1

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This is my scratch page for revising printer testing, it will be messy right now and shouldn't have anything that links to it yet - Darin


Printer Triage

Inkjet Printers

Laserjet Printers

|match a power supply |check for lose/missing vital parts |check for lose/missing cosmetics. |power up with paper in it |check for ready status |check for grinding noises

?Apple Printers? ?Cannon Wide Format?

  • Okidata: all Okidata printers should be stored in their own area, no need to eval/build/triage.

This is a graph with borders and nodes. Maybe there is an Imagemap used so the nodes may be linking to some Pages.

-If it still does not come up ready to print --If it has a paper jam or fuser (50) error comment this and set aside for Printer Build 1 --If it has no messages on the LCD (just stars or dashes) and the mainboard was replaced (if possible) mark with an X then run through Printer Parting 1.

Is it missing essential parts (paper drawer, fuser, toner, etc)?

Is it missing cosmetic parts: covers, lids?

Does it have lose parts, missing screws?

Laser Printer Reject Types:

doesn't power on at all bad mainboard paper jam fuser error missing essential parts missing cosmetics won't pass paper path test

Dot Matrix Printers

Other types of printers

Fax Machines


PSC (All-in-one printer, scanner, copier)


Darin's List


find people to help with organization (Ian) get an eval system started to move testing along giant eval/build chart then split it into eval and build. organize parts storage implement parts storage into triage set QC standards for build paper towel dispenser and recycling bin (like in the restroom) for rubber restore/alcohol.

oversight to impliment a more formal printerland program. advice from people who set up build program? any committee(s) need to approve anything?

set up a class? will it need any pre-reqs? (classes like command line or adoption?) build program volunteers? printer adoption program?

temporary space to store printers while implementing new system. permanent changes to storage in printerland, possibly including new area for incoming.