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Proper System Stacking Procedures

  • Use good stacks in SDA for examples.
  • Stack like with like; don't make mushroom-shaped stacks.
  • Don't put an awkward-shaped system (or a system missing case parts) in the middle of the stack; move it to the top.
  • When stacking systems onto hand trucks, follow the same procedures as above. Someone always needs to help lift and stabilize the systems while another person tilts the hand trucks back before wheeling it in.
  • If using Carts, try to minimize the number and weight of systems being placed on the bottom in order to prevent too much bending, lifting, and turning.
  • Don't rush! We'd rather have volunteers stack properly and safely, no matter how many gizmos are incoming.


  • Turn carts parallel to curb so they don't roll into the street.
  • Don't stack higher than your shoulders if possible.
  • Don't be afraid to get an extra cart if you're having trouble fitting everything onto one cart.

Proper lifting techniques:

  • Lift with your legs.
  • Always ask for help if you need it!

Handling Hazardous Materials:

  • If a bare/broken CRT Monitor arrives in Receiving:
    • staff members only shall handle broken items
    • put on gloves
    • find a box large enough to contain CRT and parts
    • Take it to the warehouse
    • alternate: find warehouse staff member to transport item
  • If a CRT Monitor breaks in Receiving:
    • This only applies if the plastic is brittle and cracks. Should other parts of the CRT break (glass, funnel) get a staff member from the warehouse immediately.
    • staff member to use gloves
    • Put ALL THE PIECES in a box
    • Tape up the box
    • Take it to the warehouse
  • If a fluorescent light bulb, mercury bearing thermometer, or other mercury-bearing item breaks in Receiving:
    • Clear out the room
    • Find an warehouse staff member
  • If you find a leaking battery in Receiving:
    • Put on gloves
    • Double bag the offending object
    • Take it to the Recycling Desk in the Warehouse