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A Storebox is one of the types of computers built as part of our Build Program.

Storeboxen are sold in our Thrift Store.

kinds of Storeboxen

Storeboxen have the most variable specs of all kinds of systems we regularly assemble. (The other kinds are FreekBox, GrantBox, and Diskless Terminal.)

Basic Storeboxen (see specs below) are almost always available in the Thrift Store. As of March, 2006, they generally cost $50 (before any discounts.)

Specialty Storeboxen, with higher capabilites and prices, are built and sold as parts become available, and as Builders have the time. (These are also considered Storeboxen.) The availability of specialty Storeboxen varies greatly; there are frequently none available at all.

current hardware specifications

For basic Storeboxen

(note: specs generally rise over time)

(NOTE: keyboard, mouse, speakers, monitor not included.)
Regular Specs
Processor: 2400-2790 MHz 
512 MB of RAM 
Storage: Hard-Drive: 30-40 GB 
Networking: Ethernet PCI 10/100 Bt network card 
Video card: Onboard or AGP 
Sound: Onboard or PCI 

Software Included

Storeboxen generally have Ubuntu GNU/Linux installed. As of March 2006, it's "Breezy Badger," or version 5.10, of Ubuntu.

  • Operating system: Ubuntu GNU/Linux 10.04 (Lucid Lynx)
  • Desktop environment: Gnome
  • Word processor/office suite:
  • Web browser: Firefox web browser