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Thrift Store

Welcome to the Thrift Store Wiki Page!

If you are a customer or volunteer looking for sales information, check out the Thrift Store page on our Website. Wiki documents are intended for internal use; if you have questions, just drop by!


Need Help?

Staff Member Assistance

When you need help from a staff member and there's no sales staff around, grab the ombudsman, or someone else from HR. The following schedule shows the on-duty ombudsman:

  • August 2012 -- Liane
  • September 2012 -- Richard
  • October 2012 -- Mark
  • November 2012 -- Liane
  • December 2012 -- Richard
  • January 2013 -- Mark

Store Gizmo Infrastructure

If something is wrong with the credit card machine, try the information packet underneath it or this page: Credit card machines. If necessary, get someone to show you how to use the Kerchunker, the manual CC machine that goes Ker-chunk!!!. It's between the tills in the bottom drawer.

Store Prices

A general listing of basic prices for the store, to be read with consideration regarding the fact that as market prices change so will ours.


It's all here. If you have further questions or concerns, please contact a Thrift Store staff person.

Store Docs

Where you can find most of the stuff that we need to print. If it's not there, check Dead Trees, Drop Box or the store folder on talon.

Training Resources

See documentation on the Merit Badge system.

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