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Tech Support Orientation Checklist

When a new tech support worker is hired, there are several steps that need to be performed. It's tech support staff's job to make certain these steps are accomplished. The staff needs to determine an orientation schedule, and will need to arrange appointments with other staff members or interns who are responsible for parts of the orientation. Please orient new tech support orientation.

Trainee Name: __________________________________ Staff Name: _____________________________________

Beginning Steps Date Trainee Initials Staff Initials
Take Orientation tour
Tech Support Volunteer Agreement: review, sign & file
Requesting schedule changes/days off: provide contact info
Arriving Late and Cancellations/Calling in Sick: provide contact info
Emergency Info Request: enter ER contact, phone # & any allergies into database

Technical Orientation Date Trainee Initials Staff Initials
Create RT account
Create a database account with "can login" and "tech support"
Create a wiki account
Add to support techs list
Invite to Checkmarkable

Cultural Orientation Date Trainee Initials Staff Initials
Introduced around to staff and core volunteers
[Explain where to go for help
Explain what to expect the first few weeks
Free Geek FAQ
Netiquette at Free Geek
Documentation (why it's important, where to document what)

Physical Orientation Date Trainee Initials Staff Initials
Review building layout, public accessibility and names for various areas
Safety training, details on that page
Review (After Hours Access Policy)
Indicate available admin workspaces
Indicate areas we might fetch gizmos from

Administrative Orientation Date Trainee Initials Staff Initials
Introduce to Checklists
Learn RT basics
Intake Procedure
Phone Etiquette/Procedure
Box Specs, swapping boxes