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After Hours Access: The locks list is for people (staff and core volunteers) who have keys. It should be used for reporting issues with closing (unlocked doors, stuff left on, etc.) or suspected break-ins.
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After hours, when there's no event or meeting, only authorized keyholders can be in the building. A keyholder can make instance by instance exceptions to this rule, providing keyholder stays in building and is responsible for those persons. Such exceptions should be reported to the staff list for review.


To Receive a Key

  • All staff collective members should have keys
  • Paid interns are granted keys as needed
  • Core volunteers who need a key must first
    • be approved by staff via staff meeting
    • oriented to closing procedures
    • added to the locks list
    • Given a code to the alarm system and instructions on how to use it
    • Introduced to every-one via the locks list.

Purging the locks list

The combination or locks may be changed when we suspect security has been breached. When the locks or the combination is changed, everyone will be removed from the locks list and re-added as they make it known they need access (and if necessary, are re-approved).


We used to have a combination lock box with a key inside, now we issue keys.

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