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Free Geek tech support is offered free of charge to:

  • Adopters and hardware grant recipients for one year
  • Thrift store customers for six months after original purchase
  • We will provide tech support for one year after the warranty period at $15 per issue plus the cost of any parts, we do not replace machines that are out of warranty
  • support beyond this period is entirely at our discretion

This support includes replacement of defective parts if necessary, but does not include any guarantee that programs or hardware added by the user will function. We will repair or replace defective hardware and ensure that the system and its components function under current, Long Term Support releases of the Ubuntu operating system, currently 12.04. Changes to the original system hardware may void this warranty.

Contact Info and Hours

Tech Support Hours are from noon to 5.45 pm, Tuesday through Saturday or by appointment. We are closed, to walk in customers, for lunch from 1-1.30pm.

  • By phone - call the main Free Geek number during support hours - (503) 232-9350 option 6. If you call outside of our regular hours, please leave a message with your name, phone number and a description of your problem. We will call you back as quickly as we can.
  • Walk in - Come to the reception area during tech support hours and they will direct you back to the tech support area. Please fill out an intake form clearly and completely
  • Email - send an email to support AT

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Many services covered under warranty we can provide for free, but we occasionally need to charge a fee for difficult or non-standard support. When we cannot support an issue, we can refer interested parties to outside agencies.

Stuff We Support


  • Ubuntu
  • Restoring the original configuration of a system
  • Updating to later versions of Ubuntu
  • Driver installation (subject to availability)
  • Software to make media work
  • Data transfer to a Free Geek system
  • Data backup/recovery from a Free Geek system or system being donated
  • Wireless devices without native driver (we'll try!)


  • Easy to install hardware from the store
  • Printers from the store
  • 3G/WiMax configuration
  • Your computer

Stuff We Don't Support