Technical Support Coordinator

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Technical Support Coordinator


  • Oversee Tech Support in order to integrate Tech Support with the rest of the organization
  • Advocate for Tech Support's needs to staff collective
  • Coordinate Tech Support volunteer interns, providing training, feedback, and volunteer appreciation to improve retention
    • Work with volunteer intern coordinator and reuse coordinators to recruit an ample amount of volunteer interns from inside and outside of the organization to ensure that Tech Support is adequately covered,
    • Create and maintain training procedures and documentation for volunteer interns
    • Maintain an intern schedule
    • Explore relationships with colleges and technical schools to recruit new tech support volunteer interns
  • Improve issue management and tracking systems and procedures
  • Maintain documentation for Tech Support including:
    • Knowledge base
    • Policy
    • Training procedures and documentation
  • Perform tech support services alongside and/or in absence of volunteer interns, e.g. answer the phones, assist walk-ins, maintain correspondence with Tech Support recipients, track correspondence and work via RT, etc.
  • Provide information about desired functionality and packages to distribution maintainers
  • Maintain and improve systems that protect the customer's private information
  • Communicate with volunteer interns, clients, and the Free Geek community
  • Improve and maintain Tech Support policies in line with Free Geek philosophy and capabilities
  • Attend Education Committee and Production Committee meetings
  • Communicate regularly with Production staff to help identify and solve problems with our computers
  • Work with the Education Coordinator to improve educational opportunities to ease the burden on Tech Support
  • Attend staff committee meetings
  • Abide by Collective Level Expectations
  • Work with others to implement decisions made by the collective and other staff committees
  • Remain flexible while Free Geek grows and changes

Required Skills, Qualities and Experience:

  • Must possess a significant amount of technical knowledge
    • Must have working knowledge of computer hardware and Linux
  • Background that indicates an ability to coordinate volunteers, provide excellent customer service, and coordinate a program
  • Ability to work both in teams and independently
  • Ability to lead and motivate others
  • Ability to manage time and prioritize multiple tasks
  • Ability to communicate effectively over the phone and e-mail
  • Understanding of diverse cultures and communities
  • Must be a genuine "people person"
  • Must possess a curiosity about solving odd problems with computers
  • Must possess massive amounts of patience
  • Must understand that this is a collective level position and abides by the Collective level expectations
  • Can work well under stress in a somewhat chaotic setting and maintain a positive attitude
  • Must be willing to ask questions but able to work on projects almost entirely without supervision
  • Must understand how tech support fits into the whole of Free Geek
  • Ability to lift 50 pounds repeatedly
  • Bi-lingual in English and Spanish is a plus

In addition

We are looking for someone with the perfect balance of technical know-how and customer service skills. You must enjoy helping people! If you know how to tinker with computers and solve computer problems but would rather help a new user set up an email account over the phone, this position is right for you! We expect that you will take the program we have now and work with the Education and Production committees to consistently make improvements to the program.