Topics for future agendas

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These items should be integrated into the Board agenda calendar.

Board internal

  • Term overlaps for incoming/outgoing board members
  • Using a consent agenda
  • Reasons for executive session
  • Status of board subcommittees
  • Board/officer self-evaluation
  • Board report for town hall meeting
  • Backup collective-board liaison


  • Free Geek Principles: do they need revision?
    • Specifically, non-hierarchical: can it ever be an accurate descriptor of an organization? How do we preserve the intent while making the principles attainable for us and other Free Geeks
  • Transparency/information openness
    • organization-wide email lists
    • board email list
  • Staff compensation policies
  • Structure of collective
  • Grievance process for grievances against board members


  • trends in donation, sales and other outgoing desktops vs. laptops (how soon is laptopocalypse?) needs info from collective
  • what are we doing with non-computer devices? are there any projects going on that we could plug into? needs info from collective