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Please see our Tour How To page for an updated tour outline. Valerie 18:32, 3 February 2011 (UTC)

Tour Training

In order to form a more perfect Free Geek we are creating a Tour Guide Training program. This will ensure that individuals get up to date information and improved knowledge of how Free Geek works.

A list of items to be included in the Tour Training (in no particular order):

  • Ask individuals what is their interest in Free Geek. If possible, attempt to tailor the tour to the audience.
  • Explanation of the 2 main programs and what volunteers do in each program includes:
 Repeating information about the programs during the tour to ensure the audience takes in the info
 How to sign up for a volunteer shift at the front desk
 How to log hours at the end of a volunteer shift
  • Safety includes:
 Location of the First Aid Kits
 What to do if you hurt yourself
 Exit Locations
  • Who to report to in each area.
  • How to tailor the tour to your audience, especially if they are a group from an organization.
 For example: newspaper/media group, open source software group
  • How to keep hallways clear and make a path for any items coming through. How to keep the tour moving if there are a lot of questions. Eliminate irrelevant information, like talking about advanced testing,
  • Encourage Peer to Peer learning
  • Put your name on any food you put in the fridge, unless you want to share it.

In the works:

  • We are working towards posting placards and fact sheets to help tour guides answer questions and touch on important topics in each area.
  • Facts sheets at the "tour stops" where people can read more about Open Source Software, E-waste, How Free Geek operates (Committees), etc.
  • Ideally, it would be great to have a button on the website for large groups to notify us before coming for the tour.
  • Possibly create an e-mail dump from the database so we can send a "Welcome" e-mail to new volunteers with more detailed information about Free Geek.
  • Directions for impromptu tours.

Ali's Notes from tour

Before Tour

  • use forms for getting basic info
  • ask names, why they're here, how they heard of FG, etc.
  • explain differences between Build & Adoption programs
  • 1 computer per year
  • (approved cleaning list)
  • tell people that they will be required to check their bags, so they should leave all valuables at home


  • explain what happens here
  • part of Adoption program
  • there's always a supervisor on shift, Front Desk will direct you to check in with appropriate person who will show you what to do
  • sit down jobs available here (basic testing)


  • show people where it is


  • Card & Mobo Sorting: begin Build program here, peer-to-peer learning encouraged although there is a supervisor to ask questions of, intro to flow charts
  • Eval I & II: show them incoming pile, joy of opening cases (engage volunteers currently in Eval), determine which computers will be kept and recycled, flow chart bonanza

Warehouse / Recycling

  • here are our computers ready to be built
  • monitor testing requires lifting heavy stuff and ability to see in color (can't be color blind) - availability is limited, so ask at Front Desk
  • here is an example of why FG started (environmental reasons) NEED BLURB ABOUT POLLUTANTS, LANDFILL, ETC
  • Recycling (mention both Printer and Bench): will check in with instructor in these two places, receive tool box, and then disassemble computers or printers.
  • sit-down tasks available, specify at Free Geek
  • first aid station (point to it), emphasize that if a volunteer injures themselves - even if it's minor - it's essential to let a staff person know
  • wash hands after leaving because of chemicals (in fact, encourage use of gloves & safety goggles - they're provided)

Advanced Testing

  • test hard drives, RAM, motherboards
  • touch on how important FG feels data security is (every hard drive is either wiped or smashed with sledgehammer and is in lockup in between)
  • you can volunteer here after you complete the Build program with permission from Build instructors


  • before you actually build computers you learn to identify hardware, system evaluation and a command line class
  • QC a few systems first, then you are able to build 6, taking the sixth one home with you (other 5 go to hardware grants, adoption program, thrift store)
  • peer to peer learning (encouraged to ask your neighbor, although there is always an instructor available)
  • you are more than welcome to stick around after building 6 computers
  • Mac Build (need permission)
  • Laptops (need permission)
  • Adv Testing (need permission)

Bathroom & Kitchen

  • here they are
  • label your lunch, lest it get eaten
  • first aid kit available in kitchen (remind them if they get injured, even minorly, to tell a staff person)


  • this is where command line class and Adoption class are held
  • explain layout of Adoption class - you come in, all computers are equal on the inside, you sit in front of one and personalize it and then take it home with you that day
  • complete computers: grantboxen, freekboxen (go to build and adoption volunteers), storeboxen
  • touch on different ways computers leave FG
  • Laptops
  • post build option (like Macs, adv testing)
  • laptops are for sale in store from time to time & go to hardware grants - NO FREE LAPTOPS FOR VOLUNTEERS, EVER


  • books available to check out, Kathie is staff librarian - look for her or ask at Front Desk about borrowing them


  • take a lunch break here (wash your hands!) - if you're volunteering all day, please take at least a 15 minutes break

Meeting Room

  • talk about the structure of FG
  • Board, Council, (non-hierarchical) Staff
  • consensus
  • structure mirrors collaborative nature of FOSS - NEEDS A SHORT BLURB

Thrift Store

  • discount for active volunteers (active means 3 hours within the last 31 days)
  • make sure people return to Front Desk to sign up for first day of volunteering