Under Sixteen Policy

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All volunteers under 16 years of age must have an adult with them. This adult must be 18 years or older and does not have to be their parent or legal guardian. Depending on the circumstance, these adults may or may not be required to sign up for a volunteer shift. Please see below for specific requirements.

Adoption Program:

  • 12 and younger - Adult must volunteer alongside the child. No volunteering in Receiving as all volunteers must be able to lift 40 pounds regularly.
  • 13-15 - Adult must be present, in the room, but does not have to volunteer alongside them, unless they demonstrate unsafe or inappropriate behavior.
  • 16+ - No restrictions.

Build Program:

  • 15 and younger - Adult must be present, but does not have to sign up for a volunteer shift. It is at the instructors' discretion if the adult must stay in the same room.
  • 16+ - No restrictions