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Every once in a while, we need to go out and search for volunteers who have slightly more honed technical or people skills (volunteer Interns) or who can fill in empty spaces in the Build or Adoption Programs. Use the lists below to get the word out, and add as you find more places that would advertise for us!

If you add an email address or phone number to this page, please be sure it's publically available already (like on the organization's website).

Internal Volunteer Recruitment

for getting volunteers involved in committees

  • Outreach (from Commies minutes 11/27/07)
    • Hardware Grants recipients receiving a short presentation from a volunteer about FG
    • tabling pair-ups
    • flyering

Volunteer Interns

Online Posting

  • Craigslist
  • Idealist.org - login required
    • Must post as an internship, not volunteer opportunity, or it'll be deleted.
  • Post on CNRG (must be a member of the list to post)
  • VolunteerMatch (must be a member to post) - http://www.volunteermatch.org
  • Hands on Greater Portland (login required) - http://www.handsonportland.org/
  • University of Oregon Post Jobs
  • PSU - Send emails to careerconnect at pdx dot edu for unpaid volunteer positions
    • Paid positions can be entered directly in the database or you can fill out their form: More Info
    • PSU's career center must be called directly to renew postings or archive a posting before its expiration date. Career center: (503)725-4613
  • PCC Several options here
    • Positions can be posted in the PCC Service-Learning: Volunteer Opportunities Newsletter at http://www.pcc.edu/service-learning
    • Additionally, Gary Coleman at PCC Sylvania combs our internships page for new opportunities and sends them out to 300+ Computer Science students every couple of weeks. His counterparts at Rock Creek and Cascade campuses simply look on the erecruiter site above. gcoleman [at] pcc [dot] edu
  • internships.com Post Internships
  • Reed Post Jobs (post as volunteer position, not internship) - contact seeds@reed.edu to remove listing.
  • Lewis & Clark careers(a)lclark.edu internships must be sent over email
  • Posting volunteer opportunities to Clackamas County http://www.clackamasvolunteers.org


  • Contact PSU
  • Clackamas Community College
  • PCC workforce network
  • Steps to Success
  • Clackamas County Volunteer Connections - personal contact: Jean


  • PSU
"If you have any internships available we can post the descriptions to our website and/or student group digest. Let us know."
Melissa Lindsey <mell at pdx dot edu> -- email bounced back 11/8/11 - see above email instead
Community Development Student Group, Event Coordinator
  • Worksource. Contact: Aaron Sorenson
  • SMS

Adoption and Build Program Volunteers

Educational and Training Facilities

  • Portland Public Schools
  • Portland Youth Builders (Steve) angela.m (AT) pybpdx DOT org
  • JOIN 3338 SE 17th Avenue ph. (503) 232-2031 fx.(503) 232-4640 • Talked to Kathleen today 8/8/06, she gave me a phone number, I put up a flier, will keep in contact.
  • One Stop
    1. Central City Concern 232 NW 6th Ave ph. (503) 294-1681 fx. (503) 294-4321 • 6/12/06 Met with Clark Hayes, he liked us a lot, is going to send out an e-mail and tell other people at Central City Concern. -Sophia
    2. West Portland One Stop 2 NW 2nd Ave ph. (503) 226-7387 • I talked to Barney and he was very excited, he put me through to Kathryn's voice mail and said that she would be able to get me some more information. • 6/12/06 Met with Kathryn, she is going to advertise us to the people who use the computers at the building. -Sophia
    3. Mt. Hood Community College Division of Workforce Development 4510 NE 102nd ph. (503) 252-0758 fx. (503) 252-0782
    4. SE Works 6927 SE Foster Road ph. (503) 772-2300 ext. 301 for Sue Eastman (the person we want to talk to.) Two more contacts on my list . . . wtef?!
    5. Metro One Stop/Goal Post 5600 NE 42nd Ave ph. (503) 943-2000 fx. (503) 281-4216
  • SEI (NE Portland mentoring/trianing center) 3920 North Kerby Avenue Portland, OR 97227-1255 Main Switchboard (503) 249-1721 x269 Online contact form
  • GOALPOST (computer education: build prog. vol.s) 6443 N. Lombard St. Portland, OR 97203 503.240.5600
  • Colleges
    1. PSU (503) 725-3000
    2. Mt. Hood Community College 26000 SE Stark St. in Gresham ph. (503) 491-6422
    3. Portland Community College ph. (503) 244-6111
    4. ITT Tech 6035 NE 78th Court ph. (503) 255-6500
    5. Heald 625 SW Broadway ph. (503) 229-0492
    6. OIT 7726 SE Harmony Rd. ph. (503) 725-3066 or 18640 NW Walker Rd., Beaverton ph. (503) 725-3066 e. Portland@oit.edu

Social/Family Services

  • Coalition for a Livable Future 310 SW Fourth Ave Suite 612 (503) 294-2889 info@clfuture.org
  • Housing Authority of Portland
    • 135 SW Ash 97204 503.802.8300 http://www.hapdx.org/about/contact.html
    • Margaret Van Vliet Deputy Exec. Director: Dir. of Public Housing Lucia Clausen, Dir. of Resident Services Veronica Sherman King, Manager of Policy and planning Rachel Duke
    • Public Housing Administration 1605 NE 45th Ave. Portland, OR 97213 503.288.5750
  • Adult and Family Services: See this link for a huge list of phone numbers for all the district/county offices.
  • Outside In (builders and interns): Employment Resource Center helps kids get job experience. Anne Blumenauer, Employment Resource Center 503-535-3888 anneb AT outsidein DOT org
  • New Avenues for Youth 1220 SW Columbia 97201 503-224-4339 apratt at newavenues dot org
    • Senior Services 2617 NW Savier St 97210 503-228-4391 Grace Hague- Senior Program Director (503) 224-2640 ghague at friendlyhouseinc dot org
  • Senior Centers
    1. PSU's Senior Adult Learning Center: 506 SW Mill Street, Room 470H 97207 503-725-4739
    2. PSU's Retired Associates of Portland State (seniors' meeting group): P.O. Box 751 97207-0751
    3. Adult Placement Network (helps seniors find housing): 8826 SE 28th Place Milwaukie, OR 97222 (503) 659-2029
    4. Peninsula Senior Center
    5. Search for senior centers
  • Morrison Child and Family Services
  • Transitional Housing Projects Kamron Graham, Director of Case Managers kgraham at tprojects.org or 503-823-4930 ext. 210; Bill Keryan, Case Manager, schedules speakers. His contact info: bkeryan at tprojects.org or 503-823-4930 ext. 215
  • LifeWorks NW - housing assistance services http://www.lifeworksnw.org
  • Food Banks
    1. Loaves and Fishes 7710 SW 31st Avenue (503) 736-6325
    2. Fish Emergency Services 1335 SE Hawthorne Blvd (503) 233-5533
    3. Sisters of the Road Cafe 133 NW 6th Ave. (503) 222-5694 • 6/12/06 Today I talked with Lauren and gave her an adoption outreach flyer. We're going to stay in touch. info@sistersoftheroad.org -Sophia
    4. Senior Center contact D'Norgia Price, Director of Adult and Senior Services at (503) 280-2638
    5. Housing help Lovell Jones, Facilities Manager at (503) 280-2600


  • Americorps 55 SE Main St (503) 234-2383 Lara Jones
  • craigslist
  • Friendly House
    • Community Services (services for those transitioning from homelessness - adoption) 1808 NW Irving Street 97209 503-228-4335 Kristin Wollen - Community Services Director kwollen AT friendlyhouseinc DOT org
  • Beehive feedback@one-economy.com We just need to adjust our listing a little so it's more accurate.
  • Churches
  • Wax (new teen community center) 5101 N Interstate Ave. 283-9093
  • Community Centers (PDX Parks and Rec) General Contact There are about 15 community centers in Portland, so we should contact them to see if there's someone who oversees all of them in some way.
  • Boys and Girls Club -- teen evenings
  • Public Libraries
  • Neighborhood Associations and Coalitions Go to http://www.portlandonline.com/planning/index.cfm?c=30426 to download a "Citywide Neighborhood Association Map (3.1 MB)"
    • 8 Neighborhood Coalitions
    • Like, a billion individual neighborhood associations can be found at the above URL
  • Urban League of Portland community center and resource
  • Local Community Development Centers would be good places to send fliers advertising our main programs, especially during lulls in volunteer attendance (right after school lets out for the summer and after it's back in session after summer). See http://www.cdnportland.org/cdc_guide.html for a good list of community centers.