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The volunteer representative will provide the Board with valuable insight into the needs and opinions of the volunteers who provide the organization with much of its workforce. This will be an elected position that will be held by a core volunteer.

Qualifications and responsibilities of a Volunteer Representative on the Board of Directors:

  • Represents core volunteers. Has the ability to distinguish one's own needs and desires from those of the volunteers he or she is representing.
  • Core Volunteer. Has invested at least 30 hours of volunteer work in the organization within the last year.
  • Will seek input from volunteers. Is willing and able to seek out the ideas and opinions of a wide variety of core volunteers.
  • Maintain communication with core volunteers. The volunteer representative must communicate information between the Board and volunteers. It is the responsibility of this representative to relay the needs and expectations of core volunteers to the Board.

About this draft

This document was developed by the Board recruitment committee pursuant to board instructions, April 2011 and the approved 2011 governance proposal. It was approved by the board on May 18.