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This group is responsible for seeking out candidates for board positions, both among Free Geek volunteers and in the wider Portland community. Also, the "development" part refers to developing the skills of board members & improving documentation so that the board can be more effective. This means that this committee may be charged with ongoing education for board members.


All directors will have the responsibilities outlined in the New Director Agreement. Specific seats will have further responsibilities specific to their goals. See Groups to be represented on the board for categories and links to completed and drafted job descriptions. These "job descriptions" may help with recruitment and giving individual directors a sense of their role within the board; specifics may be modified to better reflect the skills and experiences of a candidate, so long as they still reflect the overall interests of the seat.

The recruitment committee will be working on job descriptions for the seats according to the priority lists assigned by the board. Due to the desire to increase the size of the board, certain seats may be jumped in the priority queue if a good candidate becomes available.



Need to clarify the process for non-volunteer rep seats and how the timelines mesh.

Need to come up with a strategy for soliciting participation from professionals in the area. We are looking for people who can represent the areas of interest cited in our mission (ex: environmental, recycling, social empowerment) as well as professionals who can support us with their skills (ex: legal, accounting, etc). In order to complete this, we should compile a list of organizations/companies in the metro area (preferably ones we have relationships with) and then device a plan for soliciting participation from employees/volunteers at those organizations.

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