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Is this even a policy? Regardless, it needs attention. Ali 21:00, 21 July 2010 (UTC)

This is a page concerning a policy or procedure in development.
Once fleshed out, we'll consider it for adoption as official policy at Free Geek.

What services do we provide: This policy addresses what services Free Geek Portland will provide to nascent Free Geek organizations.
List of Policies - Policy Development


Body that set the policy(s) on [lists.freegeek_meeting_Minutes Date Adopted]. By default, Free Geek portland will provide IT services to other Free Geeks.

  • DNS (for example somewhere.freegeek.org can point to their own server)
  • email lists
  • RT queues
  • wiki space


Include some or all of:

  • the current process for complying with this policy
  • Related policies
  • Interpretation/Implementation/Commentary
  • Examples/Background/History
  • Exceptions/Ramifications
  • Etc...