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The point of having a standard way of keeping track of cash is accountability.


  1. An auditor (someone outside Free Geek looking over our books)
  2. A bookkeeper (someone inside Free Geek who keep track of our bank accounts, expense accounts, etc.)
  3. A bean counter (someone who checks the tills each morning, looking for inconsistencies, and prepping them for the bookkeeper. Also preps tills.)
  4. A cash handler (someone who takes and dispenses money at a till)


(All of this is on the Dead trees wiki page.)

Till worksheet
End of shift form

Normal and oddball transactions

Normal transactions are ones that go into the database. Oddball transactions are anything else.

  • At the front desk normal transactions are donations and fees that accompany gizmo donations.
  • In the store normal transactions are sales.

Some obvious oddball transactions:

  • Someone pays an invoice
  • Someone buys something at the front desk
  • Someone finds money
  • Someone needs a reimbursement, or takes money to buy something for Free Geek.
  • Mileage -- a kind of reimbursement.


All of this has the category of "Accounting".

Opening and closing out the till
Procedure for start and end of day.
Reimbursement for mileage
One of the more common oddball transactions you'll need to deal with.
Regular issues with tills
Some ongoing common problems.
Processing credit cards
How to deal with credit card transactions at the till. (Note that the store has a new type of credit card machine, and some of the specifics are changing.)
Checking the checks
A list of things that you should always do when you accept a check.