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  • When: 7:30 Weds 15 Aug
  • Place: Meeting room (shiny!)
  • Facilitator: Um, Vagrant and Dave are absent. martin stepped in.
  • Scribe: Laurel, for Marie
  • Minutes Checker: Marie
  • Attendance: Marie is a pirate, Mark, rfs is fine, Oso is a microsoftie, Ebeth is not, Bobby is ambidextrous, Roger got Ubuntu to work on a K6-2 laptop, Shawn learned things about sound today, matteo closed, so he's angry, Luis, Cliff "the only good computer is a recycled computer" Fortune, laurel who is writing this, Aaron snuck in
  • Last meeting:


  • Dave and Oso Reuse BAN Pledge CARRYOVER. Oso needs to talk to them before the 23rd. Dave will be gone. We need to be sure that FG's policies of reuse are not restricted under the pledge.
  • C7 Plan and coordinate Long-Term Plan meeting ONGOING - see below
  • Kathey will do consensus training (but she's moved to Buffalo, so that won't happen) DROP


We have an official trademark in Category 41 (education), and are working on another. We have not sent any cease and desists out. We are sending out grants even though the group doesn't meet. GAP is doing ok.

Gen. Priorities has put most of its energy into the Big Meeting stuff, so see below.

  • Physical stuff

There have been a lot of physical changes in the last week w/ lounge, library, tent storage, office supplies, classroom. Carpet cleaning made stuff move.



  • We have 4 positions opening: wren, Oso, Aaron, and Seamus. Oso and Seamus intend to run again; wren is gone, and Aaron let us know just now that he does not intend to stand again.
  • Marie has a candidate to nominate; we need more candidates.
  • Clarifying Questions
    • What positions are open? - Director at large. The board elects its own officers.
    • What to do with nominees? - They need to attend the next council meeting in order to introduce themselves - and should have already sent in the Board Member Interest Form to the council email list. Check the Board Election Checklist and New Director Agreement for more information.
    • Could someone from the DEQ run? - there would probably be a problem with that because they regulate us. Someone from Metro, on the other hand, would probably be cool.


  • Everyone (in attendance at this meeting) plans on going. Hopefully others will, too.
  • The meeting is 1 week from today, here at FG.
  • C7 and O & P have been meeting and talking about this. There's a lot of wiki activity: check for some of the items.
  • Presented at recent meeting: lists of trends both inside and outside FG and of FG characteristics that we should keep in mind in developing plan. Any plan should be considered in light of each of the items. The lists can be found at Trends and Attributes.
  • Clarifying Questions
    • Who is making the agenda? - C7 is meeting on Saturday to do so.
    • What can council do now or over the next week? - If you're involved in a program that needs consideration, check to see if it's already been written about.
  • Roger: we need to have a goal of better communication with our volunteers so they can be more aware of our needs, etc. We also need to be able to better interface with broader communities.


  • Oso - talk to BAN - CARRYOVER (We need to be sure that FG's policies of reuse are not restricted under the pledge.)
  • C7 - make agenda for Big Meeting
  • Shawn and Roger will talk about Roger's ideas about inreach & outreach.


  • Big meeting next week, 7:15 PM. BE THERE!
  • Linux clinic - this Sunday at 1pm.
  • FG is in the running for APC Cris Nicol prize for furthering FOSS with a user-oriented stance.

Next Council Meeting

  • Facilitator: Martin
  • Scribe: Ebeth
  • Date and time: September 19, 7:15
  • Place: Free Geek
  • List of unfinished business for the next meeting: Nominees for board members.