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Instructions for nominator

Thanks for helping our board remain well-filled! You can use this form to help your nominee introduce herself to the board (which does the electing). Please be sure that the nominee emails the filled-out form to the recruitment committee well in advance of the election meeting, and let them know that they are encouraged to come to a board meeting in order to introduce themselves to the board. You may also wish to email the board a note of support/nomination/recommendation so we know why you thought of this person and what you feel her strengths are.

Instructions for nominee

Hi! Before declaring your intention to run for Free Geek board, please look at our New Director Agreement and attend at least one board meeting so you can get a sense of what you are getting into. You can direct any questions to the board recruitment committee by email; we would be happy to meet with you about how the organization and the board works and how you can best contribute to our great work!

Our board has seats that represent different skills, interests, and client groups -- this helps us keep all of these elements in mind in our deliberations. A list of the seats and "job descriptions" can be found here. We are moving toward a board in which all directors occupy one (or maybe more!) of these seats, so please consider what your skills and interests work best for.

Our Board of Directors is self-selecting, adding new members at the board meeting following the town hall meeting or as needed (as in the case of filling empty seats). The board meets monthly. This nomination form is a substantial piece of your introduction to that body, giving people more background than what you may say when you attend the board meeting.

Interest Form

Phone number (optional):

  1. What past or present experience do you have with Free Geek? What part of our mission and activities is most exciting to you?
  2. What is your interest in standing for election to the Board?
  3. Which seat(s) from the skills, interests, clients lists most fits your interest in working with Free Geek and your previous experience? (See Groups to be represented on the board)
  4. Please tell us about other non-profit or community service experience that may be relevant to your board service.
  5. Are there any additional skills, abilities or professional abilities that you are interested in sharing with us?

Please email completed questions to <recruitment [at] freegeek [dot] org>. Personal contact information will be removed before it is shared with the board email list, to protect your privacy. If information about employment should be obscured before posting to a publicly-archived email list, please let us know.

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