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This page left for historical purposes. -- Mkille 20:57, 10 May 2013 (UTC)

NOTICE: FreeGeek's Board and Council are being transitioned to a new structure with new procedures. Town Hall Meetings will be hosted by the board, for the express purposes of broadening and formalizing volunteer participation in the larger body of the organization. Some Town Hall Meetings will also include elections for some seats of the Free Geek Board of Directors, depending on the election cycle timelines. In 2011, the Town Hall Meeting will be On October 2nd, at the Eagles Lodge in Portland Oregon.

More information can be found in the "Talk" page. Some of the dates on this Board Election Checklist page are "hard coded" in the legal documents of Freegeek, such as the bylaws. For this reason, discussion on changes are noted in its "Talk" page ( so that we not contradict the bylaws until they are formally changed. Updating the bylaws is another part of this large governance transition effort. --kathey 08:56, 14 September 2011 (UTC)

This checklist is a procedure for electing new board members. Responsibility for this falls on the council and board (indicated in bold). New board members must be elected in time for the board's annual meeting, on the second Wednesday of October.


  1. Board should let council know how many positions will be open. board, at meeting
    • Note if there are particular skill sets that should be filled.
  2. Come up with important qualities and criteria for election. council, at meeting
  3. Post description of council service and interest forms around. council, ongoing after meeting


  1. interest forms should be posted to council email list and on bulletin board. council, ongoing
    • Should interest forms come in to a single contact person, so they are handled consistently?
  2. Interest forms should be in time for the introductory council meeting. nominees, nominators
    • Nominees should make a concerted effort to attend August's council meeting


  1. Election at council meeting. council
    • All nominees, including board members standing for re-election, should recuse themselves.
    • Copies of interest forms should be available.
  2. Notify nominees of council selection. council
  3. Post new directors' info on website. council
  4. Remove internal hard copy postings. council


  1. First board meeting: new members' terms start board
    • they should receive a copy of the new directors agreement and get any necessary orientation.
    • board officer elections occur?
    • What to do when officers change