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The mailman list index contains a list of the most public email lists at Free Geek. Through the page, you can access the archives of many of Free Geek's email lists. List users can also add themselves to and remove themselves from email lists by accessing the appropriate listinfo page.

Public Email Lists

This subject is under the purview of the Inreach Committee. Right now we have several public email addresses. Those who belong to the lists are prepared to answer questions from the public.

Donations@ is used to create a RT tickets for "thank yous" for monetary donations over $100.
Volunteer@ is the email list for those people who are interested in volunteering at Free Geek.
Info@ is the list where People outside of Free Geek ask general questions.
Startup@ is where you should ask questions if you are thinking of starting a Free Geek.
for questions relating to bulk sales.
used to apply for hardware grants, but it's better to use the web form.
used to apply for jobs at Free Geek. It's only active occasionally.
for asking for technical support.
points to the Gapsters list.
Gap@ also points to the Gapsters list.
Gapsters@ also points to the Gapsters list.
used to get something on the organization's todo list.

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