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Standing Inreach Committee
Mission:Inreach is a committee organized specifically to benefit the volunteer program. It's mission is to recognize Free Geek's volunteers and enhance the quality of volunteer programs while creating an atmosphere of support and success for every volunteer. To oversee aspects of volunteer appreciation, tours, volunteer feedback, and to create a welcoming, accessible environment for all volunteers.
Inreach's role is to:
  1. Improve accessibility to programs.
  2. Work closely with staff and volunteers to improve volunteer programs, strengthen teamwork, and further Free Geek's mission.
  3. Improve communication with volunteers – volunteer info Board and/or email lists. Email suggestions to this email list.
Email: inreach at
Programs: tours, volunteer appreciation, volunteer suggestion box
Likely Suspects: Volunteer and Front Desk Coordinator, NPA's, and at least one staff person from each department.

We meet twice a month: first and third Tuesday mornings from 10-11am.

Inreach Tasks

  • New volunteer orientation and volunteer coordination
  • Soliciting and listening to volunteer comments, requests and questions
  • Volunteer retention and appreciation
  • Policy and guidance for computer lab usage
  • Volunteer awards
  • Volunteer milestones (posted monthly).
 # 300 milestone = $10 Free Geek Thrift Store gift card (good for one t-shirt)
 # 600 milestone = $25 Free Geek Thrift Store gift card
 # 1000 milestone = $50 Free Geek Thrift store
 # 2000 milestone = $50 Gift card to FG Thrift Store or another individual-specific location
 # 3000(+) milestone = MOAR gift cards (or get creative)
  • Star volunteers (posted quarterly)
  • Coordinating with other agencies whose client/volunteer base can benefit from volunteering at Free Geek
  • Serving as advocates for our volunteers
  • Tracking and scheduling volunteer hours

Inreach Spending

  • Volunteer Rewards:
    • Coffee $120/month
    • BBQ
    • Coffee/Pastry Mornings
    • Individual Rewards
    • Holiday Party

Inreach Budget

  • $300 each month
  • $800 in December for Holiday Party
  • $600 in June for BBQ