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Free Geek Vancouver
  • Address:
1820 Pandora Street
Vancouver, BC, V5L 1M5 Canada
Size Info
  • Staff: 2 full time, 2 part time
  • volunteers: over 2700
  • Areas: General Practice
  • Size: 2600 square feet
  • Revenue: 30,000 (2007)
  • Contact:
  • Primordial Ooze: Jack Bates, Dustin Harriman, Sean Hill, Ifny Lachance, Scott Nelson
  • Catalyst: David Repa
  • Date Founded: Nov 1, 2006
  • Company Type: Non profit
  • Free Geek Status: Full operation

Issues Requiring Direct Attention

RCBC proposed "BC Computer Reuse Standard"

Response (draft)


Business Plan

Charitable Status

By Laws


36zerowaste letter of intent


Donation Pick-up by Bike

Free Geek Vancouver/Gallery

Free Geek Vancouver/Advertising - currently SFU content

Free Geek Vancouver/Links - who can we hook up with?

Free Geek Vancouver/HR - Human resources draft recommendation

New Location

FG Vancouver-Floor Plans for our First Location

Our sublease to Pedal


Potential Grants

Current Grant Proposals

Sent Grants

  • Freedonia Grant - SENT Feb 16, 2007 - DID NOT WIN -
  • SHAW on-line grant application - SENT Feb 23/2007
  • APC FOSS grant. Was written on the day of the deadline, no copy exists, did it on the fly! - SENT March 30, 2007

Successful Grants/Funding

Grants requiring Charitable Status


Basel Action Network Pledge

Organizational Analysis and Strategy by Ian Clendening - still being edited and cleaned up

How Canadian Tax Laws Apply to Free Geek