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Listed here you'll find some special opportunities available to core volunteers. Core volunteers might also want to look at our internships page to find some additional special projects.

If you list a volunteer job here, please give at least a short description, as well as the time commitment required to do the job and the staff person the volunteer would go to if he or she were interested. Of course, if you volunteer for one of these jobs, we'll train you, and give you lots of smiles and appreciative comments/cookies.

Public Email Addresses


  • Description: This person forwards emails that come in through info@ to the appropriate committee, working group, or individual, or answers the emails him or herself.
  • Skills: You'd need a basic understanding of how things work around Free Geek, good writing skills, pleasant writing disposition.
  • Time: An hour a couple of times per week for at least a couple of months.
  • Staff/Core: Liane, Reverend Phil


  • Description: Answer emails sent to volunteer@ email address, or forward them on to the correct person.
  • Skills:


  • Oso needs someone to help him do the books, invoices, and other paper-pushing tasks.




Thrift Store Clerks