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Substitutes Policy: '
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HR set the policy on Nov 29 2005 and updated it on August 13, 2009.

Becoming a Substitute or Nother

(For a definition of substitute and nother, see the Staff Categories page.)

Potential substitutes and nothers need to have made an official request to staff people in charge of area in which they'd like to work. Alternately, staff may suggest a volunteer to be a substitute or nother.

The HR committee must also review the potential effects of hiring the substitute or nother, including any potential legal or policy violations and any impacts on the budget. Any problems need to be reported back to all staff affected.

Removing Eligibility

If an individual isn't authorized to work in any area as a substitute, he/she will be removed from the substitutes list by a staff collective member. The staff collective member will make a reasonable effort to inform the unauthorized substitute about this in advance.

For New Substitutes and Nothers

Staff from the local area:

  • Must let schedulers know
  • Must be sure that the schedulers have contact information for the substitute or nother.
  • Must alert the HR committee, so that proper paperwork can be filled out.
  • Need to list new sub below


Sub List

(Nothers are not listed here at this time. Many substitute shifts are filled by nothers, so we don't need as many substitutes as we once did.)

  • Martin Chase

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