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Volunteer Cashiers Policy: This is a policy for both the Store and Reception.
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proposed and agreed to at a Staff Meeting on July 14, 2006. Updated at Staff Meeting on Dec 29, 2006. Revised at Staff Meeting on April 17, 2009. Updated at Staff Meeting on [02/11/11]

Volunteer Store Interns and Volunteer Front Desk Interns are automatically allowed approval to be cash handlers upon acceptance into their position by the area manager. To allow for the voicing of concerns, the intern's supervisor will send an announcement to staff either via email or at a staff meeting. Additionally, any volunteer may be approved as a cash handler by having their name proposed and approved at a staff meeting. The area manager will: ensure a cashier's code is assigned; provide proper training and feedback; update the Cash Handlers List below; and be available to respond to concerns or questions regarding the intern's handling of cash.



Any volunteer who wants to handle money at the Front Desk or Thrift Store should:

  1. talk to a staff member working in that area
  2. ask that they be trained
  3. send a message to staff AT freegeek.org asking for input and concerns.

The staff will take the issue up at a staff meeting and inform the volunteer of their decision.

Cash Handler lists

Paid staff do not need to be listed here as they are automatically allowed to handle cash as needed. This includes substitutes, volunteer interns, nothers, and committeds as well as collective members.

Current List of Volunteers Authorized to Cashier
  • Laurel Hoyt
  • Phill Jones
  • Guillermo Hernandez
  • Lucy Moore
  • Joel Hodgson
  • Mitch Dickinson
  • Dominica White
  • Athonwy Doherty
List people who are not listed above as authorized but who have actually cashiered here. We will need to check their authorization or remove their database access

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