Volunteer and Community Interface

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 This group no longer exists as a single entity


VCI is a working group dedicated to the areas of Prebuild, Receiving, Front Desk and Inreach. It is a merging of the four individual working groups to form a more cohesive dialogue that better interconnects those areas.

This group meets on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Tuesday of each month, at 9:00 AM. The 1st Tuesday of each month is reserved for NPA-specific discussions.

Current Members as of 6/20/12:

  • Cynthia Prevatte
  • Darren Heiber
  • Kelly Forest
  • Kevin Wright
  • Misty Fall
  • Omar Vargas
  • Robert Taylor
  • Sarah Crump
  • Stephen Getman
  • Walter Sebaste

Schedule of Facilitators & Scribes:

Facilitator: Darren
Scribe: Sarah

Facilitator: Misty
Scribe: Sarah

Facilitator: Omar
Scribe: Stephen

Facilitator: Robert
Scribe: Cynthia

Facilitator: Stephen
Scribe: Darren


Facilitator and Scribe duties are rotated alphabetically throughout willing and able committee members. (Temporary employees are not asked to scribe but are encouraged to facilitate.)

Facilitators include
  • Darren
  • Misty
  • Omar
  • Robert
  • Stephen
Scribes include
  • Cynthia
  • Darren
  • Kevin
  • Misty
  • Omar
  • Robert
  • Sarah
  • Stephen