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What would we be without a warehouse? The old free geek, that's what. And pretty stuck.

Physical properties

The warehouse is the northerly third of our building. There's a steel door that separates it from Advanced Testing, which should be locked at closing time. A rollup door allows us to move pallets in and out, and a people-door next to it lets us get in in the morning. There's also a door near the front of the warehouse that leads to a shared stairway and outside door; this we rarely use.

The southwest corner of the warehouse is occupied by the Black Hole, and the floor above it is rented to artists and other strangers. They use the front door.

How we use it

  • Recycling is the dominant activity in the warehouse, and the absolute ruler of the realm is the Recycling Coordinator.
  • Recycler Check-In is just to the east of the stack of systems to be recycled.
  • Printerland is now smack dab in the middle of things.
  • And the stacks of keeper systems are a wonderful improvement over the piles we used to make. Oh, we are always improving.

Other facts