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When a new Office Support Intern is accepted into the Free Geek Internship program, several training modules need to be covered. It is the Volunteer Coordinator's job to make certain new interns are trained. Some of the training can be done by other Free Geek employees or interns, but it's the Volunteer Coordinator's responsibility to make certain that it gets done and that a complete hard copy of this document exists in the new intern's file.

New Front Desk Intern's Name: _______________________________

Training Modules for Office Support Interns

PRIOR TO FIRST DAY Date Staff Initials
Take Orientation tour

PAPERWORK Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Volunteer Intern Contract: review, sign & file
Conflict of Interest: review, sign & file
General Conduct Guidelines:review
Arriving Late and Cancellations / calling in sick: provide contact info

IT - PERMISSIONS & LOG-INS Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Add to email list: frontdesk, (regulars?), (social?)
Checking "frontdesk@" e-mails: make calls/updates and respond to e-mails

PROGRAM INFORMATION Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Adoption vs. Build
Language, lingo, and jargon -- Volunteer Scheduling Keywords
The different areas within Adoption: Receiving, Recycling (Bench, Table), Printerland, Testing
The different areas within Build: Prebuild (Hardware ID, System Evaluation), Build/Assembly (Quality Control, Build Workshop), Post-Build (Laptops, Macintosh, Server Build, Advanced Testing)
The physical requirements of each volunteer area (standing vs. sitting, lifting, where we best accommodate different abilities, etc.)
Disbursement basics: how, when, and why disbursements happen
The Tour (the first step for new volunteers): when, how long, etc

USING THE DATABASE Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Reviewing Volunteer Applications, entering new volunteer information
Checking in volunteers
Recording volunteer and intern hours (program/shift types, rounding to 0.25 hour)
Recording hours for community service or school credit
The difference between hours and points
Scheduling volunteers for shifts (future shifts, walk-ins, which shifts can be split, etc.)
Refreshing the schedule frequently and not overwriting already-scheduled shifts
Printing out volunteer hours
Accessing the "call list" feature
Emergency Info Request: enter ER contact, phone # & any allergies into database
CLASSES: finding class information, scheduling volunteers for classes
CLASSES: scheduling non-volunteers for classes
INTERMEDIATE: merging duplicate records for a volunteer
INTERMEDIATE: transferring/combining points for volunteers - all parties must be present

ANSWERING THE TELEPHONE Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Answering the phone
Using the telephone: Free Geek FAQ's
Using the telephone: how to transfer calls
Using the telephone: how to check voicemail; return calls, send email, enter cancellations as necessary
Paging: using the intercom on the telephone and awareness of areas that cannot hear the intercom
Making reminder calls: Prebuild (Hardware ID, System Evaluation) and classes

VOLUNTEER DESK DUTIES Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Review the Daily Checklist: Volunteer Desk Checklist
Checking bags
When and how to write equipment passes
Signing in non-volunteers
Handing out program information (what's in the filing cabinet)
Making coffee
Putting in supply requests before supplies run out
Printing and restocking handouts and forms from Dead Trees
Writing reminder cards
Slow time tasks checklist
Keeping the front desk tidy
Recording your own hours as an intern

FREE GEEK POLICIES Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
When to ask staff for assistance
Breaks (how and when to take them)
Bag Check Policy
Signing Checks, Contracts, Invoices: don't do it!
Netiquette at Free Geek
Access to other volunteer information: using common sense, professionalism and discretion
Safety training

OTHER INFORMATION Date Trainee Initials Trainer Initials
Building walk around: layout and names for various areas + familiarization with core volunteers & staff
Behind the Volunteer Desk - review layout: bag check, files, cleaning supplies & tools
Benefits of volunteering/interning: First Tech Credit Union, 20% store discount, participation in committees, access to library and computer lab, classes
Continued learning: taking classes and volunteering in other areas
Supply request: BEFORE running out, ask staff to request more