Board Orientation

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This falls under the purview of the Board Recruitment/Development committee, created in October 2009.

Materials for potential new board members

Getting started, based on some thoughts from a brainstorm about materials and procedures that might help welcome and acclimatize new board members.

Connecting with people

The best format for this may be yet another checklist, after the style of the Board Election Checklist, Hiring Checklist, various orientation checklists

  • A tour with current board or staff
  • Meeting with board or staff members
  • Visit council meeting (if for a regular election, should be July or August)
  • Visit staff meeting?

Organizational information

  • Mission
    • Programs
  • Structure, including maybe some narrative on structure evolution.
  • History and landmark decisions
  • Organizational stats. Budget; current funding mix; volunteer numbers (active, retention, rate of change); staff numbers (which kinds, compensation); recycling, reuse, and grants numbers. Some of this of course already exists, and will need maintenance.


Materials for newly selected board members


  • revise the Board Election Checklist & report to council
  • find existing materials for mission, structure, history parts; write missing/connective material
  • find existing materials for statistical parts, figure out best place for them to live