Council 2009 11

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When: 18 Nov, 2009
Place: Free Geek, PDX
Facilitator: Vagrant
Scribe: Martin
Minutes Checker: Jon
Attendance: Vagrant, Dave, Laurel2, Debra, Laurel1, Richard, Jon, Caitlin, Cliff
Last meeting: October (link?)


  • Seamus - email with possible evaluation criteria for how well online sales is doing - FAIL (no need to track here anymore)
  • Sergio - email Council when/if commissioned sales start – CARRYOVER INFINITY (no need to track here anymore)


Reports from other working groups.
  • State of the Onion
  • Gizmo tracking and inventorying is coming out of staff
  • Finances reported on. Lots of numbers.
  • Sub-board Recruitment: Ali and Laurel1 will be meeting. Contact them to join.
  • Sub-board Relations: Shannon and JP have talked about volunteers. We have an appointment in December for something.
  • Sub-board Intergalactic: Trademarks and excitement. We are explode!
  • Sub-board Audit: Bean-counters and Sayer will be meeting.
  • Space Cadets: improving laptop space, moving into new upstairs space.
  • Bulletins are great.


We started looking at General Priorities and updating it to reflect what we're already doing. We also came up with a number of pages that need attention paid to them before we will know how much we want to do them.


Volunteers & Council: (OLD)

(1) Achieving quality Council participation, particularly the issue of non-active-volunteers participating in Council. Free Geek wants a hard & fast rule to address lack of volunteer status as barrier to participation in Council. (2) Whether Council wants to encourage volunteer involvement, and if so, who and how.

  • Laurel1: can we have a human point of contact for potential new members to talk to? also as a gate-keeper.
  • Laurel2: bulletin board isn't enough?
  • Debra: should a potential council member already know enough to figure out who to ask?
  • Laurel1: suggesting people ask will lead to more new members asking.
  • call or email, if the go-to person isn't on staff.
  • Caitlin: shouldn't any member of council/staff be able to provide this role? but significant confusion exists that i don't believe this is true.
  • Richard: council may be in a state of transition regarding its role within freegeek, so a cheatsheet of how to answer questions may be hard
  • Debra: face-to-face contact is more meaningful
  • PROPOSAL: Laurel1 will be a point-of-contact for people with questions about council until the February meeting.


New commitments, and Carry-Overs copied from above.
  • Dave - tell council when staff want to start doing commissioned sales (no need to track this here, though)
  • Vagrant - tell Shannon to email us (or minutes?) with report on Relations work she has done.
  • Laurel1 - will sync up General Priorities with the (X)es we added.
  • Richard - will set up a point-of-contact email alias
  • Laurel1 - will email core (and regulars) to see if anyone has any questions about council

Next Meeting

  • Facilitator: Martin
  • Scribe: Laurel1
  • Minutes Checker: Debra
  • Reporters to other meetings?
  • Date and time: 16 December, 2009
  • Place: Here
  • List of unfinished business for the next meeting:
    • Council's Purpose
    • Council Recruitment