Geek Fair 2005

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GEEK FAIR is Free Geek's annual celebration and summer fundraiser. It is a day-long block party in front of the FG Community Technology Center and inside the event space. This year, it's on July 16th from 1pm - 7pm.

Here's the latest Geek Fair 2005 Timeline.

Geek Fair is an Outreach committee project.

It is one one many Events that Free Geek does every year.


Next Geek Fair Five! coordinators meeting is Thursday, July 21st, 7:15pm at Free Geek.

Get Involved!

If you are interested in helping out this year, as a coordinator, volunteer or sponsor, contact Shawn, Liane, Kathie or Oso or just come to the next meeting. You can also go to Geek Fair 2005 Volunteers.

Event Planning

Coordinator(s): All

Event Outreach

Coordinator: Oso

Getting Ready to Go!

  • Geek Fair 2005 Setup Schedule: this timeline includes all those little things that need to be done the day before and the day of Geek Fair to make it all come together and work.

Music and Performers

Coordinator(s): Ian


Coordinator(s): Freyley, D-D-D-Dave!


  • Geek Arena game show
  • Smashtacular
  • LAN Party courtesy of Backspace
  • Hard drive toss

Possible next year

  • Mouseball Marbles needs a space with a relatively smooth and unobstructed floor
  • Harddrive Platter Shuffleboard again needs a relatively smooth and long floor

Kids Activities

Coordinator: Pam

Geek Fair 2005 Kids' Activities

Activities include

  1. Mouse decorating
  2. Wind Chimes
  3. Paper Airplanes
  4. Coloring
  5. Door Hangers
  6. Playdough

Games include

  1. Waterballoon toss
  2. Sponge & Bucket race

Face Painting

Raffle and Silent Auction

Coordinator(s): Zea, Lori


Coordinator: Ian

Yep, this is where you find out about Geek Fair 2005 Booths.

Here's a Booth Confirmation Letter.

Volunteer Coordination Station

Coordinator: Sophia!

Geek Fair 2005 Volunteers


Coordinator(s): Oso, Clint

  • Tents - Roots Organic Brewery, Local record stores? Ozone? Jackpot? Everyday?
  • Beer - Roots Organic Brewery(not really sponsoring)