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Ad Hoc Events Committee
Programs: In charge of major Free Geek parties and festivals, like Geek Prom, Geek Fair, and the holiday party. Meets seasonally, as needed. Generally, monthly for a few months before an event, then every other week, then weekly, then freak out right before the event.
Email: events at

Events is an ad-hoc committee that meets to plan happenings that will potentially raise money for Free Geek and outreach to a wider audience.


  • Posting PSAs - a running list of places to post event announcements.

Past Free Geek Events

  • Smash-tacular

Past Events Budget

  • Events
    • May $1250 geek fair
    • June $1250 geek fair
    • July $1250 geek fair
    • August $1250 geek fair
      • look at the books before next Geek Fair to see recurring stuff, like Joe taking pix
    • Fire Permits: $50/month (allows for 1 event per quarter)

Current Events

Volunteer Appreciation BBQ 2009

Holiday Party 2009

Current Event Budget

$700 budget (with $300 additional wiggle room)


  • Events Calendar - what's coming up.
  • Donations - calling businesses in town and asking for donations--cash, food and non-food--for events.