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Logging hours and overtime policy: This policy spells out Free Geek's policy on working overtime.
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Approved at staff meeting July 3, 2009 .

All staff members must report their hours worked accurately. All hours worked must be reported. The HR committee shall monitor staff hours and watch for staff who are working fewer or more hours than authorized.

In a case where a staff member is working more hours than authorized, the HR committee will ask for a report of the work being done and work with the staff member to help that person manage his or her time better and/or to offload tasks to others. All staff will keep in mind these goals when attempting to reduce workload: eliminating any liability to Free Geek that overtime might cause, reducing the possibility of staff burn out, and accurately assessing the cost of replacing the worker should s/he leave Free Geek.


This policy applies to all staff members, but will be of most importance to full time staff collective members.

Current Procedure for HR Oversight

Hours are logged using software written at Free Geek, available from inside Free Geek at http://data/worked_shifts. These are recorded in a spreadsheet maintained by Free Geek staff. HR will routinely examine this spreadsheet and talk with staff members to determine if anyone is working more or less than authorized and assign staff members to follow up on the matter. Authorized overtime will be paid at time and a half of the regular salary. Unauthorized overtime is paid at time and a half only when legally required to do so. For Collective members only, unauthorized overtime carries a penalty of 2 hours of unpaid leave for each unauthorized hour worked.

How to Request Overtime

In order to be approved for working overtime (and to avoid overtime penalties), you must follow the simple procedure detailed below. Overtime requests are not automatically approved, so plan ahead and manage your time wisely. As per the above policy approved by staff on July 3rd, 2009, the HR committee approves requests for overtime.

There are two ways to ask for overtime: in advance (planned overtime) and retroactive (emergency situations). The former is for planned projects or events (e.g. area remodel, major event) and the latter is for emergency situations (e.g. network crash over the weekend). If you are a Collective member managing an area, it is your responsibility to be aware of overtime requests for workers in your area. If you are paid for official Free Geek Holidays you are responsible for adjusting your schedule to avoid overtime during pay periods which include a paid holiday. If avoiding overtime is not possible, you are responsible for proactively requesting overtime.

For Collective members only (ceiling for non-Collective is 40 hours) If you know that special circumstances will require you to work more than your "ceiling" number of hours in a pay period, then compose an email to HR and include the following info:

  • Name of all staff members involved in overtime project
  • Number of overtime hours requested for each staff member
  • Explanation of why overtime hours are needed to complete this project

Remember that HR meets on Wednesday mornings, so factor that into your request timeline.

Thoughts To Incorporate

  • Non-collective workers, who is responsible for their overtime hours?
  • specify the difference between salaried collective and hourly non-collective
  • we need to address when a non-collective member works overtime because their supervisor/manager/coordinator asks them to do something that results in overtime.