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If an NPA or a Collective member is leaving, please use: Exit Procedure for NPAs or Exit Procedure for Collective Members

Because situations will vary, some of these steps will be more critical or time-sensitive in different cases. Documentation, however, is a must. These steps are specifically applicable to staff collective members, though most of them will be useful for interns/associate staff.


Name of exiting staff member: ____________________
Name of person completing checklist: _____________________
Date checklist started: _____________________
Staff exit procedure Date
As far in advance as possible:
  • Ask them if they want to continue their health care with COBRA. If they are interested, have them speak with HR.
  • Ask about rolling retirement money out of our 403(b) VALIC plan.
Two weeks before scheduled last day (or ASAP): Announce it to the community:
  • Regulars e-mail list (this should include paidworkers by default)
  • Directors e-mail list
  • Get keys and update Keyholders page.
  • Review whether we need to change locks/passwords (Richard)
  • Recollect infrastructure equipment/other FG property they might have (extra laptop or other special hardware, credit card, etc.)
    • ID card (with or without trimet sticker)
    • Zone G parking permit
    • If they were a credit card holder, make sure all recurring transactions based on that card are transferred to another card, or other arrangements made.
  • Remove access code from the alarm system:
    • Remove the alarm code itself from the access terminal. (Richard)
    • Edit encrypted file of alarm access codes. (Richard)
    • Contact service company to notify them of the change. (Richard)
  • Arrange for picking up or delivering any personal property left at Free Geek.
  • remove access to Securewiki
  • remove from computer groups on application server
    • fgstaff group
    • beancounters (probably)
    • outreach (probably)
    • h*grants (probably)
Social Media Accounts: Remove access to (when applicable):
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Determine and note their status: for example, resigned / laid off / fired*
  • Update the RT Personnel Files.
  • RT: remove from FGStaff group, perhaps adding to FGCore group
In the database:
  • Confirm their address and phone number for our records
  • Edit their database record, removing sign-in rights and cashier rights (unless they're okayed to continue volunteering in those roles)
  • Edit their worker page. Change status to "inactive" starting on the first day the person is no longer working.
Replacement and communications:
  • If applicable, figure out logistics of transition to new hire: can they do training?
  • Ask them to record an outgoing message, referring callers to other staff and extensions.
  • Arrange for forwarding of email to other staff.
  • Notify Paychex (verify correct address is on the record for tax forms)
  • Get them their last paycheck and including vacation pay. If there are vacation backpay or other payment issues, be sure this is clear and documented in the personnel file
  • Remove from restricted email lists and server groups
    • HR email list
    • Staff email list
    • Paid Workers email list
    • Locks email list
    • other committee email lists as determined by those committees
  • Ask if they want to remain on any lists at all.
  • Ask if they want to continue using their email address.
  • Does s/he moderate any email lists? If so, then pass them off to another.
On the wiki:
In scheduling software:
  • remove from future shifts, standard shifts (used to generate future schedules), and any meetings.
Get feedback for the organization:
  • Was their job description adequate and accurate?
  • What would they change about the job?
  • Were they well supported by peers and management?
  • Where did they grow the most in the job?
  • What was most challenging about the job?
  • What advice would they give to their replacement?