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To do list and possible changes for the Tech support wiki

Pages that need updating to 10.04

Note : Many of these pages only reference 8.04. Also check all pages for references to 6.04 and remove it.

Separate_and_the_Gimp has no 8.04 or 10.04 sections: This maybe needs updating, but it s kind of an obscure topic only relevant to someone doing 5 color separation for prepress and these people are likley to be professional graphic designers.

X_configuration fixed., though now mostly irrelevant.

Enabling_LEDs_on_Intel_Wireless_Cards deleted

Language_Input_with_SCIM SCIM no longer supported

Make_Realplayer_plugins_work_in_8.04 Deleted

Broadcom_BCM43xx_Wireless_Cards Updated

Pages that could be merged with other pages

Merge MP3 section and Multimedia_and_DVDs_in_Ubuntu and some of the other ones like Java and flash due to all being attached to medibuntu and Restricted Extras? cleaned up and delted as necessary

Tech Support Orientation Tech Support Howto and Orientation List appear to be redundant, should be merged. Not true, renamed for clarity. The Orientation parts are for staff use. Tech Support Howto is for interns.

Volunteer_Agreement_(Tech_Support) merge with the orientation? No, this ia form that needs to be signed.

Tech Support (PPS) and Tech Support Plan and Tech_support_mission merge? These are old pages it would be worth updating at some point...

Wireless Tips and Wireless card compatibility list merge? Leave separate, though both are somewhat outdated. The former could do with a section on using iw. The latter made more specific.

Other areas that need work

Tech Education page appears to be redundant and semi useless at this point Deleted

USB drives page marked as delete request, why do we just redirect to Ubuntu pages? deleted

Ubuntu_Mac_new_user_FAQ needs updating to reflect same phasing as other pages on media and DVDs? delted

Tech_support_2.0 Deleted and Office Hours reason they are in Tech support category and why haven't they been updated in ages?Dead/old project though potentially a useful one. Kept around for reference

WTF and Issues Arising in Tech Support need only one so merge? Merged. WTF now redirects to issues...

Solved Items

On Tech Support, page linked in wiki redirects to non-existant page on the main website. - Unable to find this link on Tech Support. May have already been corrected. Rhean 18:58, 25 October 2011 (UTC)

Tech_support_backup_services page needs reworking and updating to current policy/prices. Began updating Rhean 19:41, 13 October 2011 (UTC) done

Tech_support_2.0 page needs work. - Was deleted on 10/19 by Paul. Rhean 18:58, 25 October 2011 (UTC)

Keyring password clear/reset has only 10.04 page, add 8.04? Updated and added a link to Ubuntu forms re : 8.04 Rhean 18:45, 25 October 2011 (UTC)

Main Tech Support page, update list of interns to be accurate. - There is no list of interns on this page. Made minor aesthetic changes. Rhean 18:56, 25 October 2011 (UTC)

Ubuntu_links Updated with some 10.04 links and moved old ones down Rhean 18:44, 13 October 2011 (UTC)

Install_Java Suggested a merger with Multimedia_and_DVDs_in_Ubuntu. Rhean 18:10, 25 October 2011 (UTC). Page Removed.

Install_flashplayer Updated where I could and suggested a merger with Multimedia_and_DVDs_in_Ubuntu. Rhean 18:05, 25 October 2011 (UTC)

Console_keyboard_layout - Updated with more 10.04 info and links to relevant layouts. Would be useful to keep around. Rhean 18:25, 25 October 2011 (UTC)