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Standing C7 Committee
Mission: The standing committee structure, liaison with board and council especially regarding policy development, financial considerations.
Programs: Policy development, load balancing of the committees, liaison with Free Geek Community Council and Free Geek Board of Directors, nominations to the various committees, proposals concerning changes to the committee structure itself; volunteer and staff scheduling; accounting and financial oversight.
Email: c7 at freegeek.org

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C7 is pondering the Meta Question and to this end we're thinking about a scenario for Free geek's future. Read about it at Maximum Free Geek, Sister Free Geek, Fragmented Free Geeks, Government Subsidized Free Geek, and Expansionist Free Geek.

Want to know more about how Free Geek gets its money? Read Where the Money Comes From.

C7 should oversee the budget for Free Geek.



There is now a page where folks can take a peek at our basic financial information.

Policy Development

Legal Information

Record Keeping

Financial Records

Recording for the eCycles Program

Budgeted Expenses

(Your actual expense budget goes here, along with explanatory notes, for example notes indicating which months expenses are expected to happen in,.)

Nonrecurring expenses

(This is where one time expenses would go. Yearly or more often go above.)

Related Items

(This is for notes that indicate expenses that affect your committee but are actually classified under a different committee.)

Income Guesstimates

  • Not much impact from the truck for the first two months in Q2, but by June we'll see some measurable activity. Next budget cycle we'll need to pay more attention. 4-5 trips per month once things get started. Each will bring in a $40-50 service fee, some amount of donations, and monitor fees.

Other Stuff