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The Free Geek Collective ceased to exist on February 28, 2013. For information on current staff, please go to Staff. For detailed information about the re-organization of Free Geek's management structure, please go to 2013_Restructuring_Documents.

This form should be printed out, completed, and placed in the new Collective member's file.


When a new collective member is hired there are several steps that need to be performed. It's the buddy's job to make certain these steps are accomplished. Many of these things must be done by other people but it's the buddy's responsibility to make certain that it gets done and that a complete hard copy of this document exists in the new hire's file.

The buddy needs to determine an orientation schedule, and will need to arrange appointments with other collective members who are responsible for parts of the orientation. Some of these tasks need to be done before the new hire's first day so that as many logistical and technical issues are solved before the new worker starts.

Begin by printing out this form: New-hire-checklist.gnumeric.

Fill it out as much as possible. We need to gather the basic information that will be used to make ready user accounts, and such. Walk the form around to the DPP and scheduler to make sure as much information as possible is available. Select a desk and phone extension. Then have a technocrat set up email and other accounts with dummy passwords. On the worker's first day he or she will update the passwords, fill out the HR paperwork, and get situated at a new desk. This is all to make certain that the worker's first day runs smoothly.

New Hire's Name: __________________________________

Buddy's Name: _____________________________________

Date Processing Started: _____________________________________

Before first day (Completed by buddy) Date Buddy Initials
Make sure contact in database has been made
Send email to new hire containing a link to the Useful orientation links
Set up Free Geek email address and notify
Call new hire to ask them to bring a voided check and a passport or social security card and a state ID
Contact Alex to schedule a retirement plan meeting
Select and prepare a work space/office for new hire
Get a laptop ready for new hire
Update HR Calendar with date of hire, 3-month probationary goal setting, 6-month probationary review
Create Personnel "File" (RT Ticket)
Add to Contact Info list on the staff wiki
Add to basic Email Lists (staff, paidworkers, locks)
Add to Staff Collective Members page
Add to Determining Seniority Policy page

HR paperwork and policy briefing Date New Hire Initials Staff Initials
I-9 form
W-4 form
Direct Deposit of paychecks
Health Insurance explanation/meeting
Check-in about previously planned vacations
Review Staff Handbook
Explain how to request a Change in Schedule (like a vacation)
Explain that this position is at-will employment and that he/she is subject to reviews
Sign the Conflict of Interest Form, place in personnel folder (Conflict of Interest Policy)
Check to make sure emergency contact information is correct in the database
Add to staffworksheet.gnumeric spreadsheet

Physical orientation Date New Hire Initials Staff Initials
Closing training
Safety training
Get keys, add to Keyholders and provide education (After Hours Access Policy)
Workspace/Office orientation

Technical set-up Date New Hire Initials Staff Initials
Password for Free Geek email address
Password for Staff Wiki account
Password for database account
Password for RT account
Password for wiki account
Password for Application Server account

Technical infrastructure orientation Date New Hire Initials Staff Initials
Email archives and search
Database http://data/ (only accessible from inside FG)
Where and how to record work hours http://data/worked_shifts
Orient to Staff wiki
Provide laptop and education on how to use it
Set up Thunderbird on laptop

Cultural orientation Date New Hire Initials Staff Initials
Orientation to our meeting structure (Facilitating, Scribing, Consensus)
Introduced around to core volunteers
Get photo and bio for staff page(
Job Descriptions for other staff members
Don't tell them they are required to bring donuts to the first staff meeting
Explain what to expect the first few weeks
what to expect during probationary period
How to tell you're doing well (on time, floor shifts, moving position forward, commitments)
Free Geek FAQ
Standing Staff Committees What the committees do and where to send what emails
Netiquette at Free Geek
Documentation (why it's important, where to document what)
Where to park your car
Full policy list (see Policy category)